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New Items @ Marion!

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Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit

Major Crimes Season 2

Alaska State Troopers Seasons 2 and 3

Wicked Tuna Season 1

Border Wars Season 3


Cats and Dogs

Hotel For Dogs

A Goofy Movie

Ice Age


Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles


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Birdman Dave Flies Again!

On June 26, Miss Tracey welcomed a flock of over 130 Summer Reading Program fans to enjoy Birdman Dave and his Amazing Avians!  It was another feather in the cap of our Youth Services Department staffers!  Once again it proves Family Fun Nights really are something to crow about! If you missed the birds, don’t be “soar”, we’ll have another great Family Fun Night on July 3 at 6:00 p.m. with a showing of Disney’s “Frozen!”Image



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Sujata Massey is the Agatha Award winning author of the Rei Shimura mysteries. Rei is a bright young Japanese-American with a passion for antiques and a talent for solving crimes. The contrast between the values she has as a modern woman of the West and the often jarring culture of a Japan torn between traditional values and numerous subcultures dominated by things like anime, manga, and cosplay adds drama to the popular mysteries. Sujata was kind enough to share her love of libraries with us.

“One of the best things my mother ever did for me, when I was a child growing up in 1970s Minnesota, was a weekly library trip. I could check our as many books as I liked as long as I could carry them in the tote bag she gave me. Unbelievably, I read all those books and didn’t lose them. I wanted to get back the next week for more. When I was in my late 20s and living abroad as a new Navy wife, I decided that I would try writing a mystery novel, but I wanted to make a thorough study of the range of mysteries and, hopefully, learn a bit from the masters of the genre. I was in Japan, and my only library option for the English language was the Yokosuka Navy base library. It was unlikely that really new books were on the shelves. Its collection was started during the late 40s during the Occupation , and spanned to the present. So I read from Phyllis Whitney to Marcia Muller and Sue Grafton with great enjoyment. And eventually, I did manage to write and publish my first novel. I continue to use libraries for pleasure reading and to help with my writing, although now I typically read historical accounts and memoirs, so I have the facts right about the British Raj period, the setting of my next book, a historical suspense novel called The Sleeping Dictionary. Libraries and I have come full circle, from my first delighted explorations as someone learning to read, to those of a seasoned novelist who continues to use them for the knowledge base that fuels my fiction. Long Live Libraries!”

Some of the Rei Shimura mysteries include:

The Salaryman’s Wife, Zen Attitude, The Floating Girl, The Pearl Diver, The Flower Master, Girl in a Box, and Shimura Trouble.

Sujata added later that her heroine Rei would select library books by authors like Lafcadio Hearn, Sophie Kinsella, and Laura Joh Rowland. If there was a Rei Shumira movie, her choice to portray the sleuth would be actress Lucy Liu.


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Birdman Dave and his Amazing Avian friends will be swooping down to some of your local libraries today:

1:00 p.m. at Chilhowie Public Library

3:30 p.m. at the Palmer Mill Theatre

6:00 p.m. at  Marion Public Library



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Submitted for your approval, three seemingly ordinary girls doing something that defies all known logic and sends librarians everywhere screaming in fear and outrage!  They appear to be perfectly lovely young women and yet their crime is all too obvious! They are eating inside the library!  We know this can’t be possible. Something odd is happening that our poor mortal senses can’t perceive. The girls may merely be precocious career women who just look young but are in fact members of some ultra powerful library club. No doubt they replaced their power suits with comfortable clothes for a casual Friday. They could be teens who won  the rare right to eat inside the library as part of some nearly impossible sweepstakes  not entirely unlike the whole “Hunger Games” routine from the books and film of the same name. Or… they could be normal girls enjoying pizza as part of a past popular Summer Reading Program!  Yes, teens actually do have this much fun at our library programs thanks to our amazing Y.S. staffers!

Now, do you feel better? It’s not a glimpse into the Twilight Zone. It’s merely Summer Reading Programming Fun @ Your Local Library!




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The Marion library’s popular collection of graphic novels is now located in the Young Adult section downstairs. As always, all items in the collection may be checked out.  We are shining a spotlight on a few of them.  When writer Brian Bendis was growing up and avidly reading Marvel Comics, he was aware of a certain status quo that existed among their characters: some were loners (Spider-Man, Daredevil. Luke Cage, Iron Fist), some were mutant members of the X-Men (Wolverine, Storm etc.), and others belonged to teams like the Fantastic Four (The Thing), or the Avengers ( Captain America, Thor, Ironman, Ms. Marvel etc.). When Bendis became the writer of the Avengers titles, he decided to combine his love for some characters who last received major attention in the 1980s with the concept that any Marvel character could conceivably join any Marvel team.  He launched his version of the Avengers  to immediate success and this success lasted for several years! Bendis took characters like Spider-Man, Wolverine, Ms. Marvel, Luke Cage, Dr. Strange, and the Thing and happily put them all together as his version of the Avengers.  Some fans felt he was writing some of their favorites out of character but for the most part sales were good and Bendis was vindicated. You may enjoy some of his Avengers collections from the Marion graphic novel collection.  In the words of  a once famous cereal commercial,  if you try it, you may like it!



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