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Actress Sarah Jessica Parker named the five books that most shaped her life for Scholastic Press.  Scholastic Press calls these influential books a person’s “book print.”  Look at Sarah’s bookprint below.

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Can you name all of the Marx Brothers? Do you recall  the names of Michael Jackson’s five brothers? I bet you can’t name every one of them. For every Groucho or Harpo, there is a forgotten Zeppo.  While you know Jermaine or Tito Jackson you may not recall Jackie or Marlan, In same way, you will remember Justice League of America members Wonder Woman and Superman but the name Aquaman may slip your memory. He has always been around doing  his fair share of super heroic “stuff” but he is often ignored by fans. He combines the best of two worlds: he has enhanced strength and durability, and can survive under water and control most forms of sea life. He has been both a normal hero and the King of Atlantis. He even has a beautiful wife, a loyal sidekick, deadly enemies like Black Manta and Ocean Master, and a team all his own called The Others.  Still, in his sixty-plus year career, he has never been a super star. Check out Showcase Presents Aquaman from the Marion Library’s downstairs Graphic Novel collection and give the poor guy a chance!  Look at it this way, he would not have survived for so many decades in the fickle, profit driven publishing world if he didn’t have an appeal all his own!


(See Aquaman on the left between Hawkman and the Flash!)


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Bring your Family Bible to be digitized and learn how to preserve and care for important documents.

Smyth-Bland Regional Library August 1, 2014 from 9:00 a.m. to Noon. in the Copenhaver Meeting Room.


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This Saturday, August 2 will be the final book sale of the year sponsored by the Marion Friends of the Library and held within the Marion garage from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.. Come by and take advantage of some great deals!


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We proudly congratulate the following winners and all who participated in the annual contest.

Category I:  ( Students First- Fourth Grades)

No Entries

Category II:  (Students Fifth-Eighth Grades)

First Place: Carson Blackburn of Meadowview, VA.

Second Place: Hali Riley of Damascus, Virginia

Third Place: Hannah Nicole Johnson of Marion, Virginia.

Category III: (Students Ninth-Twelfth Grades)

First Place: Haylee Frye of Saltville, Virginia

Second Place: Mattie Laura Clear of Chilhowie, Virginia

Third Place: Micah Allyson Untiedt of Marion, Virginia


Category IV: (College/Undergraduate Students)

No entries

Category V: (Adults including graduate students)

First Place: Linda Hudson Hoagland of North Tazewell, Virginia

Second Place: Colleen S. Bennett of Johnson City, Tennessee

Third Place:Tie

Pat Frost of Woodlawn, Virginia

Steven Gullion of Sugar Land, Texas.





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I bet if librarians were in charge of the networks, we’d see library themed programs like “Mayberry RFID.”


“Now, Barney, just because he always waits until right ‘fore closin’ time to get his movies, don’t mean you can shoot him!'”

“But Andy, when I blink the lights he just grins at me! We’ve got to nip it in the bud!”


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