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The Marion Library welcomed a group of college students who were hiking the Appalachian Trail. In between hikes, they used the library computers  to complete their school work.   It is just one more example of the vital role all public libraries play in helping patrons from near or far achieve their goals. I’d call that kind of dedicated public service priceless!


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 Are you just trying to find a way to get back home?

Stop by the Marion Library’s garage on May 9 between 9:00-1:00  and you’ll find some discarded and donated books that just may take you back to some cherished memories of family reading from your happiest days at home! (Ruby slippers not required!)

Do you need a brain?

Visit our book sale and you’ll find some discarded and donated books that will enable to you learn all you want about subjects ranging from history to science to pop culture and other hot topics! (Nobody will actually throw fire at you.)

Do you need a heart?

Stop by the Marion Library’s book sale to discover love stories guaranteed to make you weep with joy! Just be sure you don’t rust! May I add, you’ll fall in love with our terrific prices!  Okay, that was a bad pun. Now, I’ve really given you an axe to grind!

Do you need some courage?

You don’t need to be afraid to stop by the Marion Library’s book sale.  The “Friendly” crew of volunteer Munchkins will welcome you warmly and there’s not a lion, or tiger or bear or winged monkey in the bunch!

Great selections. Great Prices.  Good people.   Do you need a house to fall on you before you realize this sale combines a value that is over the rainbow with an opportunity to support  your local library? We’ll get you all the books you want to buy, My Pretty, …and your little dog too!

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Try It. It Could Work!


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If you’re  planning on seeing the movie “The Avengers- Age of Ultron”,you may be eager to read more about the colorful group of Marvel super heroes. You don’t need a magic hammer to locate them. Just stop by the Young Adult section downstairs at the Marion Library where you’ll find the following books:

The Avengers: The Search for She Hulk

The Avengers: World Trust

The Avengers: The Korvac Saga

The Avengers: Red Zone

The Avengers: Supreme Justice!

The Avengers Vs. the X-Men!

Captain America: Operation Rebirth!

Captain America: Castaway in Dimension Z

Captain America: Man Out of Time

Iron Man: Believe!

Hulk: The Red Hulk

Giant Sized Incredible Hulk

Thor: For Asgard!

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Follow Red Reading Hood to These New DVDs at Marion!



The Immigrant


Beyond the Edge

Big Eyes

The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies

The Newsroom Season 3

Foyle’s War Season 8

American Pickers Seasons One and Two

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Actress Michelle Pfeifer was born on April 29, 1958.  Your local Marion Library owns her films “Wolf”, ‘Stardust” and “Batman Returns” on DVD or Blu-Ray. Stop by and try some of the iconic star’s films!

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