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According to an article from Variety.com actress/mother Julie Bowen proudly supports public libraries!

“Modern Family” star Julie Bowen and renowned cartoonists Jeff Kinney (“Diary of a Wimpy Kid”), Stephan Pastis (“Timmy Failure”), Lincoln Pierce (“Big Nate”) and Dav Pilkey (“Captain Underpants”) will raise money for Los Angeles school libraries at this month’s Drawn Together event.

Bowen, a “Timmy Failure” fan herself, told Variety that she’s very familiar with the authors she’ll be joined by, thanks to her children who love to read.

“I have an eight-year old and two six-year-olds,” Bowen shared. “Our entire library of books is made up of ‘Captain Underpants,’ ‘Diary of the Wimpy Kid’ — I mean, literally, that’s what we have.”

The fundraiser includes a Q&A panel moderated by Bowen, plus, an autograph-signing and meet-and-greet with the children’s book authors.

“I think reading is the basics of education,” Bowen said. “There was at one point where ‘Captain Underpants’ was one of the most banned books in America and I find it shocking because anyway you get a kid to read is a good way…that’s all that matters. And that’s why I got involved with this.”

All of the proceeds from Drawn Together go towards Access Books, a charitable organization that provides books to inner-city schools in Southern California. Since 1999, their vision has been to provide books to school and community libraries where the majority of students are below the poverty line.

“I am thrilled that they are doing good. Some of the public school budgets have been cut back wildly nationwide. Some communities just can’t afford to build a library from the ground up or keep their library going,” Bowen said. “I was a huge reader as a kid. I loved reading and I just find it appalling that there are kids out there who want to read, but can’t because they don’t have access to books.”

By Mannie Holmes for Variety.com!


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Don’t miss BINGO night this Thursday at 6:00!

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Actress/model Lou Mulford may be best known for her role on the classic eighties game show “Sale of the Century” but she is also an avid reader as she kindly shared with us.

“I love all things Jane Austen. SENSE AND SENSIBILITY my favorite. SARUM by Edward Rutherfurd is a great read.  My bloodline is mostly English dating to 1600’s settling the colonies via both my parent’s heritage.  So I found the history fascinating.  I love the author and psychologist Dr. Henry Cloud for personal growth.”


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Readers Assemble!


The masked members of this group of costumed heroes are ready to defend their right to enjoy Summer Reading Fun! I feel safer already!

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Tracey Terrific continues her never ending battle against summer boredom by entertaining these lucky kids with one of her spellbinding stories! She will chase those summer blahs away faster than a speed reader, leap the generation gap to entertain patrons of all ages, and put a smile on every patron’s face! Talk about a Wonder Woman!

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B.I.N. G. O Night -July 2- The most fun you can possibly have with letters and numbers… and people yelling letters and numbers! Don’t believe us? Just see how excited these girls are! They even brought their own designer  BINGO bags to carry home their prizes!

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Did you miss last week’s fabulous Family Fun Night? The Stuntologist was here and as you can see he led a packed house of eager readers into his world of tricks and treats!

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