Do you think you’ve finally reached the end of the Internet? It may seem as if there is really nothing new under the (virtual) sun; however, there are still a few websites that might surprise and delight you with what they have to offer.  We’ll showcase a few worthwhile ones and even offer a disclaimer that none of them will ask you to transfer money to a worthy Nigerian or offer to show you private videos of the newest Hollywood starlet.

You’ve probably already used the library’s e-Sequels database. It is nice way to determine the reading order of various books within a given series or allow readers to find out which books feature a specific character or are set in a particular geographical location. If you are a fan of mysteries then a fun site called www.stopyourekillingme.com  might be seen as a better version of e-Sequels since it gives users a few additional search options. Stopyourekillingme.com  is updated each month and it allows users to search for mysteries by the name of an author, the name of a character, the setting in which the mystery is located, the time period in which the mystery occurs,  the type of occupation the hero or heroine pursues when he or she is not solving crimes and finding dead bodies, and the style of mystery you prefer. It lets you narrow your selections down by various mystery categories like “cozy” or “procedural” or  browse through mysteries that contain other literary elements like science fiction or vampire/supernatural types.  This site even allows you to select the type of sleuth you prefer. If you enjoy reading about gadgets and gunfire you could click on “read alikes” and then select “category” and scroll down to the list of techno thrillers. If you prefer female detectives you may follow the same steps and scroll down to ”female sleuths” or “female leads-lighter-domestic.” It is a fun reader advisory site and the good natured humor of its makers is indicated by its catchy name. Each month you may find new additions to the site and in doing so catch up on the most current detective fiction on the market. It even allows you to narrow your search down to new large print titles.

Do you enjoy classic films or books about the entertainment industry? A site called Laura’s Miscellaneous Musings ( http://laurasmiscmusings.blogspot.com/)  will give you timely reviews of classic films with additional information about each film’s availability on DVD. The site even contains regular links to reviews of newly released books on classic films or entertainment topics.  The blogger is also a Disney enthusiastic and the site regularly features current photos from various events at the California theme park. Laura’s skill at finding and reviewing the best in classic entertainment resources enables even the most casual user to enjoy the fact that as far as great films are concerned it really is a small (and easily accessible) world after all!

There are also some long established sites that may simply be unfamiliar to you. If you want tax information including older Federal tax forms, you may find them at www.irs.gov. A handy site for looking at the basic court history of an individual may be found at Virginia’s Judicial System site  (http://www.courts.state.va.us/courts/). Once at this website you may select “case status” then choose either General District or Circuit Court. You’ll be prompted to choose a specific county from a pull down menu and at that point you may search for an individual name.  If you are concerned about a specific type of offender, go to Virginia State Police (http://www.vsp.state.va.us/) and select “search sex offenders.” This option will allow you to search by name, city, county, or zip code.  These are just a few examples that prove that the internet has not run out of data quite yet!



Your local library delivered a pumpkin patch full of fun with Storytime Programs featuring songs, crafts, stories, and our own Minnie Mouse (Miss Tracey).  Her winning ways even brought a smile to the face of everyone’s favorite Sesame Street Grouch- Oscar!


As this photo from last year’s Barter Theatre production of “Miracle on 34th Street” reminds us, it won’t be that long until Christmas! Stop by your local library for books on holiday crafts, decorating, cooking and more so you’ll be ready when the season officially begins!AbbeyHunt_LibraryCard_2



Bookfacing has become a popular activity at many libraries since all it requires is a camera, a good imagination, and plenty of books! Luckily, libraries still have tons of books! The goal is to take a book that has a face on the cover and pose behind it so that your clothing and posture blend in with the book’s cover art to create the impression of an extension of the cover photo.  It can be a lot of fun and it takes an artistic eye and a creative mind. The more dedicated bookfacers also put together a proper costume to match whatever the book’s cover subject is wearing.  It is a little like cosplay with library books tossed in for added levels of difficulty.   The staff and patrons of the South San Francisco Library have created some wonderful examples like this royally beautiful Duchess Catherine (Kate Middleton) bookface!


New DVDs!

We have some new movies for your viewing pleasure!




X-Men Apocalypse

Nobody’s Fool

Preacher Season 2

Grimm Season 5

Swamp People Season 3

Swamp People Season 4

The Affair Season 2

Friends Season 1

Indian Summers Season 2

Raising the Dinosaur Giant

Rise of the Robots




Are you ready for  Halloween fun with assorted plastic building toys? We invite all 5-11 year olds to come by the Marion Library at  6:00  tonight for Miss Tracey’s Lego Club! Tonight’s theme will be haunted houses so be ready for fun, games, and Miss Tracey’s usual assortment of tricks and treats!

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