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Santa Claus will be at the Marion Library on Monday December 1, 2014  from 5:30 p.m. to  7:00 p.m.. Stop by and start your holiday season on the right note!  (Elves not included!)



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George Harrison was born on February 25, 1943 and died on November 29, 2001.  As a member of the Beatles and as a solo artist, he produced a body of musical, artistic, and theatrical work that is still celebrated today.  Stop by your local library and sample some of his music.


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You know the old story. Superman was one of the few survivors of the planet Krypton.  In Superman – New Krypton by James Robinson that old status quo is changed drastically when a large group of Kryptonian survivors show up and establish their own city on Earth.  All of them have all of Superman’s powers but none possess his restraint or loyalty to the American way of life. Superman swiftly finds himself caught in the middle as super heroes …including his Justice League allies… and the natives of New Krypton wage war on each other!  You’ll find the two volume story in Marion’s Young Adult section downstairs!

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We are thankful for our loyal patrons and we know how thankful area families are for Miss Tracey and her wonderful Storytime programs!  It is always nice to hear how pleased the kids are with each fun-filled program! Miss Tracey’s most important crafting skill is the ability to make smiles and memories for all her patrons! What a gift!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

S.B.R.L. will close at noon tomorrow and resume normal hours on Saturday, November 29.


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Barnes & Noble recently published a list of why their staffers are thankful for books! We librarians agree  but we ask you not to take library books with you into the tub!


1. Books keep you sane during your awful rush-hour commute.
2. Books have saved you from going on countless bad dates. You’ve had many perfect evenings at home with a book.
3. Books make soaking in the bathtub much more fun.
4. Books don’t care if you can’t pronounce the big words in them or if you don’t finish them. Books don’t judge you for anything.
5. Books have the remarkable power to put the rowdiest of children to sleep.
6. Books have the remarkable power to put you to sleep, too, especially when you’re up late worrying if the turkey brine you used has gluten in it.
7. Books teach you to empathize with people you’ve never met and help you tolerate the people you have, like your cousin’s boyfriend who is a DJ.
8. Books remind us that sentences can have more than 140 characters, they don’t have to start with “OMG,” and they don’t always need to be accompanied by photos.
9. Books make you smarter. I have no idea why. I think it’s something to do with pheromones in the paper?
10. When you need to put the world on a time out, books are there for you.
11. Books allow us to vicariously experience a range of gif-worthy emotions, from heartbreak to terror to despair to jealousy. All while maintaining our effortlessly cool, intellectual composure in public.
12. Reading is one of the few things you can do in sweatpants on the couch that qualifies as “constructive.”
13. Books show you that you are not alone in the world, even if all your relatives think you are and keep asking if you’ll ever get married.
14. Books teach you that your parents, your teachers, and your friends aren’t right about everything, but then neither are you.
15. Books teach you to think for yourself, so you can ponder things like, “pumpkin or pecan pie?”

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Happy Birthday, Arthur Author!


Marc Brown was born on November 25, 1946. He is best known  for his beloved character Arthur! He won a Daytime Emmy Award for the creation of the Arthur cartoon series.  Your local Library owns plenty of Arthur related materials! Stop by and sample some of Mr. Brown’s works!

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